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At Victor and Victors, we pride ourselves in our human capital and our unwavering mission to provide à la carte services to our unique clients.

For our corporate clients, we have unique offerings in Ideation Management, Strategic Planning, Policies and Strategy Development, Corporate eLearning and Knowledge Management Systems, Management Information Systems (MIS), Supply Chain Management, and Organisation Development (including Leadership, Change Management and Team Building)


We currently have over  80 members of our Victors Consultancy Network (VCN) based in 10 countries across Africa. These Senior consultants, consultants, and associates are available to be deployed all over the region to work in-residence or virtually from their home bases.

* They have Diverse Professional Skills, Certifications and Expertise.
* They are Multi-located and Multi-Lingual. Our hub offices in Accra, Lusaka and Nairobi are at your disposal. We have consultants speaking english, french, and portugese.
* Bespoke abilities. Our systems ensure that the consulting you need is what you truly get. Simple processes you can understand, follow, and learn from


We have ONE GOAL ONLY - The Satisfied Client.

After working with us, Your PEOPLE will be HAPPY! Your TEAMS will be PRODUCTIVE! and your ORGANISATION will be more SUCCESSFUL!!. 

and YES, we can guarantee the above. Using world class measurment tools and mutually agreed indicators, we can assist measure and progress all the key deliverables in a consulting engagement with us - or your money back.

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