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We don't just follow what everybody does in the industry or prescribe the same old solutions to every challenge you may have. At Victor and Victors, we pride ourselves in our human capital and our unwavering mission to provide à la carte services to our unique clients.
V&V is a customer-oriented and projects-based organisation! Yes, this may sound like a fad but we surely are and proudly so. We select a small team of the best and dedicated professionals with expertise in their various fields. These are further supported by a huge network of technical experts and subject matter specialists who are co-opted in project teams specifically set up for each of our clients' cases.
We and the customer are one TEAM.

We know that our customers want to buy SOLUTIONS not standard products, and the organisational unit that can respond to this market is the customer-oriented project team.

Our teams work to understand the customer's problems and what the team should achieve. With this understanding, the team can develop new and innovative solutions to provide benefits, perhaps beyond ones that the customer had even imagined.

For companies and organisations to exist, they must have, produce, and offer products and services based on sound and innovative ideas. These ideas cannot be constant because the needs of the world keep changing.
To us, Ideation is idea generation and idea execution. Ideation Management to us refers to organised approaches towards encouraging the contribution of, capturing, assessing, and deciding to adopt/adapt innovative ideas for the development purposes of the organisation.
Our Ideation Management Services will help your organisation explore the key components of your ideas that underpins your product/service offering viz-a-viz the emergent ideas of your competitors and the expectations of your clients and target markets.
we help you explore possibilities.

Tried and tested ideation management technique and models such as Google's 80:20 approach, idea mapping and integration, and others pioneered by HBS and McKenzie's, etc. will be employed by our specialist consultants and technical advisers working closely with key interlocutors within and your organisation's environment to ensure that you stay ahead of the industry with innovative products and services.
We work not only with marketing and HR teams, but also with corporate affairs departments and strategic units towards gaining ideas for key change management processes.

The development of corporate strategic plans, processes, systems, and related resources can bring about unplanned negative effects if not approached properly. While some positive unplanned effects can be praised, they can also bring about undesirable stress points within the organisation.
To us, the purpose of strategic plans is to identify, create, and develop synergies within the organisation's eco-system for the attainment of the corporate goals.
To us, the process of achieving this as well as the systems and resources developed to ensure sustainability and continued achievement of this purpose is quintessential to the sustenance of the organisation.
Where does your company want to be?.

 Our services here includes working with your corporate teams and the entire organisation to assess the internal and external corporate environment; develop corporate vision and mission statements; craft strategies for meeting the objectives; developing plans for strategy execution and related monitoring and evaluation systems. The approaches our consultants and advisors will employ will ensure that internal capacities are developed for sustainability.

Advances in information communication technology (ICT) have made it possible to work and communicate faster and more efficiently than before. Business enterprises, particularly those with more resources and expertise, have harnessed the opportunities made available through this technology and used them to enhance their business operations and become more profitable.
Our ICTs and Enterprise Solutions Services will assist your company take a look at available technologies that can be employed to enhance business operations while keeping the cost of such technologies low.
Whatever you want to do an ICT solution exist.

We introduce companies to contemporary and sustainable ICT platforms for their operations. Our services also include the development of Management Information Systems (MIS), Knowledge Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, ICT Platform Optimisation, and Internet-based B2B interaction among others.
We work with you to reduce inefficiencies resulting from lack of co-ordination between firms in the value chain and assist you make IT investments which continue to produce a return through the adoption of total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) tools to measure the cost and effectiveness of technology initiatives. In using our services we work to assist you make cost savings in in Information System (IS) Security, achieve lower virus vulnerability, and in upgrades or recurring licensing costs

For many companies, the headache of delayed arrival of key machine parts or basic work materials and even office stationary is very real. For some, the inability to timeously deliver finished products to clients and in the right state is a major challenge. These, coupled with the difficulty in identifying the right suppliers of production materials and essential supplies can easily sky-rocket production and operation costs above levels planned for. Many companies however have not effectively planned for these materials and possible changes in the supply chains that deliver these. We assist you simplify your logistics.

Our logistics and supply chain services deploys small teams of experienced logisticians and supply chain advisors to assist you identify logistical needs and supply chain variables, design a supply chain map for key services in the organisation, identify suppliers for various services and products, and synchronise real time communication systems.
Coupled with these services, we assist you to understand the supply chain policies and procedures of companies and government agencies you wish to present bids and work with you on developing tenders.

No company or organisation can exist without people. All the people working within the organisations (staff); for the organisations (suppliers and contractors); with the organisation (partners and alliances); those that the organisation works for (clients); and even those indirectly affected by the work and operations of the organisation (regulators, community and other stakeholders) are essential to the sustenance of the organisation.
Our Human Resource Management Services assists your organisation to develop key HRM policies and programmes in HR situation and needs assessment, development and review of job descriptions, job structuring, development of competency frameworks, recruitment and
Our services will help you emply leaders not staff.

selection services, performance evaluations, stress management, and development of results-based management (RBM) systems.
While there may be many people qualified with certificates in your organisation's area of work, the culture in organisations (even in the same industry) differ. Our services will customise our work to ensure that, for instance, we employ key HR tools such as C4D to enable you employ people who are not only qualified, but with the right combination of personality indicators to enable them quickly fit into your organisation's culture and also work towards improving work.


Small businesses (SMEs) are very important members of the business community. They often generate new ideas and new markets as well as providing services on most of the value chains of larger companies. SMEs also assist in making larger companies even more competitive. Every small business desires to grow, mature and expand. That is why BDS is an important component of our work.
At Victor and Victors, Business Development Services (BDS) refers to the wide range of services used by entrepreneurs to help them operate efficiently and grow their businesses and become more profitable.
These include: market information, training, business counselling, development of business plans, business linkages, incubators,
Our BDS products helps your business germinate and grow.

infrastructure, export promotion, feasibility studies, quality and productivity improvement, inputs supply, technical assistance, networks and associations, ICT etc.
Our dedicated hotline and SME call centre puts you a call away from critical advice, information and services you need for your business. While we can offer and broker (or facilitate) all sorts of BDS for SMEs, we focus primarily on providing the following services:
- Business registration, licensing, and business legal advice
- Registration of business names, trademarks, patents, and copyright
- Market and competitive intelligence services and advice on trade fairs & exhibitions
- Ideation Management for product design and packaging
- Promotional materials
- Negotiations, contracts & sub-contracts with buyers, distributors and suppliers including procurement & tendering
- IT services & support
- Training, mentoring and advice on other skills development
- Providing information on loans, equity & credit services
- Bookkeeping, taxation, accountancy and audit advisory services
- Advice on Insurance needs and services

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